Invest In Vwaza

"I, personally, would like to say thank you for coming here. You can help us grow in so many ways. We are bootstrapping and we would love it if you invested in our company. That would greatly help us do more and scale across Africa and beyond. Below this page you will find ways you can contribute to this startup." - Joel Fickson Ngozo(CEO & Founder)

Ways to Invest


Well, we are a for-profit company but it doesnt hurt to actually ask for help. if you can donate, you are helping us grow.

You can donate through PayPal(CEO PayPal) or contact us for other options.

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Equity Options

If you would like to invest in Vwaza and buy shares in the company, we can send you metrics, business plan, and pitch deck

Please send us an email through : with the headline : "Equity Investment Options in Vwaza Multimedia" and we will be able to get in touch as soon as possible

Invest in Vwaza and see the next big start-up in Africa grow and influence the world.