So, Who Are We?

The African Dream

We are a platform built by Africans with the mentality of uplifting Africans and helping them grow beyond the borders. In a nutshell, we are a multimedia company that exclusively showcases African Talent in Music, Poetry and later, Video and Podcasts. We are a fully registered company within the laws of Malawi to practice business. Since we are an internet based company, we can operate virtually anywhere


Making African media consumable and accessible while empowering our creators.


1. Curated African multimedia content for consumers, made by Africans.

2. African talent being empowered through their creation

3. Giving all African talents a fair chance of competing because all prices are flat, whether an artist is big or small

4. Exposing the undiscovered multimedia content from the unknown parts of Africa to the whole world.


We are based in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe. We operate globally.

Benefits for African Creators

Vwaza's sole purpose is to make sure that African Creators are taken care of with the benefits we have coming. Our objective is to showcase African culture through media. Listeners around the globe can enjoy exclusive content from Africa. Some of the many benefits of being on Vwaza are:

  1. Exclusively African
    Enjoy being on an African only platform built by people who understand the struggle, the hustle and the pain of an African artist.
  2. Wider Reach
    Reach a super huge audience beginning from your local hometown and beyond the borders
  3. Revenue
    Of course revenue! Since we are new, we are still growing, but so soon, we will be monetizing the platform and its content and make sure that a certain percentage of the revenue goes to the artist.
  4. Control
    Be in control of your releases. You can release the songs at any point in time.
  5. Release Fast
    Cut the middle-man and get your music to your audience in a flash. Your music is available as soon as it is released. We trust you and we won't make you wait to get your music to your fans.
  1. Exclusively African
    Stream exclusive African music. This is content from your favorite artist. You can also discover new African artists.
  2. Reach a super huge audience beginning from your local hometown and beyond the borders